Welcome to your webinar ambassador portal. Everything you need to be successful can be found right here. 

Remember, you’re not just copying and pasting words on social media. You’re part of a movement to completely transform the face of wealth in America with our 10,000 Wealthy Women initiative. 

It’s important that you align yourself with this vision and trust that the work we do will help us move closer to this reality.

And with that energy in place, let’s do this!!

Webinar Date: 2/25 @ 7:30pm Eastern

Campaign Dates: 2/18 – 2/25

Goal: 500 total registrations

Link to Webinar: https://fallinlovewithyourfinances.gr8.com/

Potential Ambassador Activities:

  1. Share on your FB profile with your friends.
    Example 1:
    Anyone one my TL still working on their finances??

    If so, THIS is the money masterclass you should attend hands down. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s free so register and see for yourself. 

    Example 2: 
    During love month my favorite financial coach is hosting a free masterclass called: Fall in Love with Your Finances and Save an Extra $1K/mo. 

    If you’re interested in improving your finances this year this is someone I trust to get you there.

    Example 3: 
    This Money Masterclasses is not a game!! 10/10 recommend. 


  2. Share inside of different FB groups:
    Just wanted to stop by and share this. One of my fave financial coaches is hosting a free money masterclass and I thought it could be helpful.


  3. Share on Instagram


  4.  Share on Instagram stories


  5. Post on Twitter 
    Retweet my posts and say something like “I’m so excited for this”. 
    *Note: The life of a tweet is super short. So RTing me frequently is advised.


  6. Share on LinkedIn


  7. Send a text to 10 people you know


  8. Send an email to 10 people you know


  9. Whatever else you can think of! 
I am not an expert at using LinkedIn or Instagram so I’ll share more about how I use those platforms in real time. If you have recommendations, please do share. I’m going to be learning from you all too. 
When you share, it’s important that you do so naturally and with integrity so that you feel comfortable sharing boldly. 

Everyone here has seen my content to some degree. Do you trust it? Are you clear that we produce results for our clients? You’ll learn even more once you join our Wealth Academy. 

Next Steps: After a successful 90 days as an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to be a paid affiliate. 


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