50 Favorite Financial Affirmations

Affirmations are life changing. 

For some, they may seem like woo woo nonsense, but in reality, our words create our world. 

On a neurological level words can change the wiring of our brain to make the impossible seem possible. 

This is really good news because you may not always have money and you may not always have access to the resources you need, but you pretty much always have access to words. 

Have you ever wonder why naming each letter in a word is called spelling? Maybe it’s because words have magical properties that breathe life into our thoughts and ideas. 

I often say that with the right affirmation, I can rule the world. 

During the CoronaVirus Pandemic affirmations helped me double my revenue to hit my first $10K+ month. 

What do you think affirmations can do for you?

Here are 50 of my favorites:

50 of My Favorite Financial Affirmations

1. Everything is working out for my best and highest good.

2. I am free from the pressure of trying to impress others because… who the **** are they?

3. When I purposefully pursue spiritual prosperity, material wealth follows me wherever I go.

4. I have limitless power and boundless potential. I am creation and creator.

5. Money is always on its way to me.

6. When challenges arise, I already know I can find a solution.

7. My spending habits are a reflection of my true desires. My finances are in alignment with my mind, body, and soul.

8. I am proactive about giving the gift of financial security to myself and my family. Everything that comes from me will prosper.

9. My desire for true freedom guides my actions.

10. I trust myself to use my money wisely

11. My bank accounts are growing behind my back.

12. My eyes, my mind and my heart are clear.

13. There are no shortage of blessings in my life because I intentionally position myself for victory

14. New opportunities surround me everyday. All I need to do is recognize them and take the leap of faith.

15. When others indulge, I look to my goals.

16. When I look in the mirror I like what I see.

17. I have so many streams of income I can’t avoid money.

18. There are no limits, no walls, and no barriers to what I am capable of.

19. I am creating and pursuing opportunities that demand my evolution.

20. I become wealthy by making others wealthy.

21. I release all resistance to attracting money.

22. I am worthy of positive cashflow.

23. I look at my finances with faith and not fear.

24. Money flows to me easily, eagerly, and effortlessly.

25. I allow myself to receive the desires of my heart.

26. There is a constant supply of money and I always have enough to meet my needs and wants.

27. There is enough money to go around.

28. It is safe for me to dream big and act on those dreams.

29. When I love myself, abundance flows to me naturally.

30. Wealth is pouring into my life.

31. I make money when I do what I love.

32. Opportunities to make money are always knocking at my door.

33. I love helping people.

34. Every day I am attracting wealth and well-being.

35. Wealth is an inevitable byproduct of my worthiness.

36. I am open and receptive to the wealth life offers me.

37. My thoughts are aligned with my desires and my desires are aligned with the energy of abundance.

38. I don’t spend money from a place of lack, fear, or compulsion. I spend money from a place of alignment.

39. I am loved and supported. My needs and desires are valid.

40. I love myself. I believe in myself. I know that I am worthy of having the things that I want.

41. Things are changing in my favor. Money is on it’s way to me and I know what to do with it.

42.  Everything is working out for my best and highest good.

43. Things are getting better and better just as they should. I love watching the goodness of my life unfold before me.

44. Profitable ideas flow to me and I execute.

45. I am an incredible being. Wonderfully made. Deserving of all.

46. My actions flow from a very real sense of my own worthiness.

47. My financial freedom is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of time. It’s coming.

48. My future is secure. I breathe easy knowing that my actions pave the way.

49. I am worthy of wealth. I deserve financial freedom. My actions reflect these beliefs.

50. No one and nothing can stand in the way of what is mine. Wealth is my birthright.

So, what did you think? 

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my favorite affirmations. I pick a few to read everyday and I highly recommend that you do the same. You can even create some additional affirmations that are specific to what you’re looking to create in life. 

However you choose to use these words, I hope you enjoy and prosper! 

Do me a favor and post your favorite one below or one fo your own!

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